Hi, I am an avid fan and reader of Mei-Ling HopgoodI want to know if she is currently writing a new book or has plans to write another book in the future? 

Hello, I’m really glad that you like Mei-Ling Hopgood too! I apologize but I haven’t heard any news about her writing a new book. Don’t worry, she may be planning to write one in the future anyway so don’t lose hope. As a reader myself, I am kind of looking forward to her new works as well. If I receive updates about her, I will definitely post it on this website. 

How and where can I see the books for sale? Do you sell it on your own website or shop? 

You can see the books in the store section of this website and no, we don’t sell it on our own. We only purchase and buy from the good sources, we will also be the one to ship it. People who have a hard time buying from other stores find it easier to buy from us. 

Is it true I can read Mei-Ling’s profile in here? How and where can I find it? 

Yes, you can really see Mei-Ling Hopgood’s profile on this website by visiting the author’s profile section that is located at the top of the homepage. 

I wonder if you also post news about the author so we all can be updated. If yes, how can I see the news and updates about her? 

Yes, we post news and updates about Mei-Ling Hopgood. If you want, you can visit the ‘updates’ section where we actually post the latest news about her. Contents and time of the posting may vary because we usually have limited things to share to all of you.